CityCoco OÜ imports double seated electric scooters, that can drive at speeds up to 45 hm/h and with single charge can go up to 100km distance (depending on the weight of the passenger, max 200kg). The e-scooter is equipped with a 1.5 kW electric motor and base-equipment Li-Ion battery 12Ah 60V. The front and rear disc brakes, double seat and hydraulic shock absorbers provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Charging time for the e-scooter battery is about 5 hours.

You can legally drive the CityCoco electric scooter in traffic. The product has EEC and COC certificates, which also means that the scooter can be easily registered at the Road Administration. If necessary, we can help with the registration. CityCoco e-scooter provides a quiet, economical and environmentally friendly drive.

There is no need to visit the petrol station when using the CityCoco e-scooter, also there are no emissions or noise. The easiest way to charge the e-scooter battery is when you don’t need it at the moment – in the office, at home, or wherever you go, where there is an electric plug. You can charge the battery the same way as your mobile phone or laptop, only the battery is a little bigger.

Important: CityCoco e-scooter is AM category vehicle. A motor vehicle in AM category may also be driven by a person who has driving licence or a limited driving license. If you are born before 1 of January 1993, then you don’t need driving licence. If you have further questions regarding driving rights, please contact the Road Administration Examination Department directly.

It is also required to have traffic insurance, which can be concluded with various service providers.

The CoC documents (including CoC, Certificate of Conformity, EU Certificate of Conformity) contain all the technical characteristics and data required for vehicle registration.

The CE marking has been created under existing EU legislation to ensure safe products for end users. The CE certificate proves that the products comply with EU Regulation 765/2008 and can be sold and used in the EU!

Battery maintenance and charging advice:

If the battery is not used frequently, it must be recharged at least every 30 days.

Main aspects to follow when purchasing an electric scooter:

• Each vehicle must be accompanied by the CoC type approval certificate

• Each vehicle must have a VIN code and a data plate

• Approval of the data plate must be in accordance with the type approval

You can drive the e-scooter on a roadway or on a bicycle path. Bicycle path is a road section that is separated or separately located from a roadway and marked with corresponding traffic signs. The scooter driver must not drive on a pedestrian crossing, which also means that the scooter can not be driven on the sidewalk.  

When riding a motorcycle or moped, the driver must wear an obstructed motor helmet. The motor helmet and motor helmet visor must comply with E-rule no. 22 must be type-approved.


Campaign price for base-equipment e-scooter 1499€* (incl. tax)

Base-equipment includes 12Ah 60V battery.
You can buy 20Ah 60V extra battery. With extra battery, you can go up to 100km per one charge. 

Extra battery price 399€**

If you want a personalised offer for several scooters, e-scooter registration at the Road Administration or transport to desired destination, please contact us!

* The base price does not include the registration of the e-scooter at the Road Administration or the transport to desired destination.
** Ask for stock! Delivery time for extra batteries can be up to 3 weeks.